Seizures and convulsions manifest as a result of synchronous spontaneous electrical discharges from your brain. 

People with a tendancy to have recurrent seizures are diagnosed as having epilepsy. Epilepsy can present at any stage in life, however it most commonly presents in children, adolescences and those aged over 65.

Many fits, fainting spells or ‘funny turns’ are mistakenly thought to be seizures, when many events are actually of a non-epileptic origin.

Diagnosis of seizures or events thought to be seizures is based on detailed clinical history and appropriate investigations including EEG.  Management options including the administration of appropriate anti-epileptic medication (dependant on a patients’ age, situation and the type of epilepsy diagnosed) is best guided by a specialist neurologist.

Do you have epilepsy? Have you ever experienced funny turns thought to be seizures?
Specialist neurologist opinion on diagnosis and management of your situation is important for your best care.
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