Stroke is caused by disruption of the blood supply to your brain.

Stroke presents as a sudden onset of neurologic deficit, causing weakness commonly to your face, arm and leg (on one side of your body) or a disturbance to your speech. However, the extent of these symptoms greatly depends on the part of your brain which has been affected.

Signs of Stroke F.A.S.T.

Transient ischaemic attacks (TIA) often precede a stroke. TIA’s are a sudden neurologic deficit that resolves itself completely without leaving evidence of a stroke. All patients with symptoms relating to an acute stroke should seek medical attention immediately at their nearest Emergency Department. Some patients are treatable with thrombolysis (clot dissolving medication) inside 4.5 hours from onset.

Risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, can all be modified to lower risk. Similarly quitting smoking and seeking specialist assessment and management, can help to reduce future stroke risk.
Stroke Society of Australia

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